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Waterproof, Anti Slip Silicone Unisex Rain Shoe Covers

Waterproof, Anti Slip Silicone Unisex Rain Shoe Covers

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Product attributes:

Product category: Shoe covers

Function: Waterproof, anti fouling

Style: Modern and minimalist


1) 100% food grade silicone, certified by FDA, LFGB, DGCCRF

2) Standard heat resistance 40-230 degrees Celsius;

3) Non stick, durable, easy to clean, recyclable

4) Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic

1. Suitable for Outdoor use; 

2. Not suitable for use on: Indoor glazed surfaces, glass, metal, ice, paint, smooth floors, tiles, wooden boards, etc. 

2. Not recommended for elderly and pregnant women and small children

3. Avoid sharp, piercing surfaces or objects

4. These shoe covers are elastic, and it is recommended to use them according to the correct corresponding shoe size to prevent over stretching.


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