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Foldable LED Travel Makeup Mirror

Foldable LED Travel Makeup Mirror

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2 mirrors, ordinary mirror and 3x magnifying glass, mirror size is 60mmx1.2mm.
1 USB charging jack for charging
11 LEDs, illuminated on both sides (soft PCB ring).
Lights lasts up to 5 hours.
It is suitable for travel, vacation, holiday, etc.

Frame material: ABS
Lens material: aluminum mirror

Product size: 85*85*17.2mm/3.34*0.67inch (Approx.)
Packing size: 123*123*35mm/4.84*4.84*1.37inch (Approx.)
Intelligent human body induction: close or light touch, 15 seconds automatically off, can also be adjusted to stay on longer
Power input: Micro USB 5V 1.0A
Battery capacity: 400mAh

Package Includes:
1 x Makeup mirror
1 x Chinese and English user manual
1 x Charging line

1. Press the "OPEN" mark on the mirror light and gently open the cover of the mirror light.
2. Mirror mode: the light surface is a plane mirror, and the vertical surface is a magnifying glass
3. Press the key to turn on/off the makeup light function (a press to enter the automatic mode, when the hand touches the mirror will automatically light for about 15 seconds; b press again to enter the constant light mode; c press again to close Makeup light function)
4. Brightness adjustment: Press and hold the “on key” to adjust the brightness when lighting
5. Charging: Connect the USB cable to the USB port of the product. The charging indicator lights red to indicate that charging is in progress. After charging is completed, the indicator light is off.

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